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405 ALIVE Old television facts and features, technostalgia, technicalities, some classic programming, television-era culture, TV trivia, music and test cards.
GEN TV Features French, Belgian and European channel idents.
HARLECH HOUSE OF GRAPHICS Everything from start-ups and cock-ups to closedowns and breakdowns - from ITV in Wales and the West.
HISTORICAL TELEVISION WEBSITE Devoted to the past, present and future of television in the UK. Includes sections on the five UK terrestrials.
IDENTS.TV Branding and presentation on Australian and European TV.
INDEPENDENT TELEWEB History of ITV franchises and franchisees.
INFORMATIVOS TV A wealth of presentation - images and video - from the key European and American broadcasters.
LENODAL.COM French television presentation. In French.
MELDRUM HOME PAGE Home of the Ident Zone, Pick Of The Continuity Announcements, The Testcard Gallery and lots, lots more. Join the MHP Chat Mailing List.
SUB-TV BBC and ITV Schools presentation; also features a detailed history of ATV.
THAMES TV Looking at the history of Thames Television.
THE BROOM CUPBOARD Looking at childrens' TV presentation on the BBC from 1985 until 1992.
THE IDENT GALLERY Recent UK television presentation, with high quality images and video.
THE TEST CARD CIRCLE Features a concise history of UK test cards and the music that accompanied them. Includes Test Card Music Messageboard.
THE ULTIMATE LWT WEBSITE Living up to its name, this is a comprehensive history of the presentation and programming of London Weekend Television.
THE IS FIVE A site dedicated to the presentation history of the UK's fifth terrestrial.
TRANSDIFFUSION NETWORK A comprehensive reference for UK television and radio presentation and development.
TV50 A wealth of idents, graphics, jingles and videos.
TVA Presentation on terrestrial and satellite channels available in the UK.
TV-ARK A vast selection of TV idents - stills, movies and audio files. Other material - news, soaps, sci-fi, adverts, comedy, kids.
TV LIVE UK television presentation.
TV NEWSROOM Presentation and presenters on the main UK news programmes/channels.
TV NEWSROOM NEW ZEALAND Covering New Zealand TV news presentation.
TV STORY French and European presentation.
TV WHIRL Logos, presentation material and programme opening titles from the main UK terrestrial networks.
UTV TODAY Recent idents, in-vision continuity and other presentation graphics on UTV.