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Info About The TV Room

General Information

The TV Room was launched in 1999. The site charts the history of television branding and presentation graphics on UK and Irish television, from the pioneering days of broadcasting right up to the present day. Its sister site, The TV Room +, was launched in 2003. There you will find a wealth of information relating to television continuity announcers, presenters, programme title sequences and graphics, promotion packages, old television listings and much more.

Since 2006, The TV Room has been supported by Promax UK, an organisation representing the broadcast marketing, promotions and design community. The Promax UK Board includes senior figures from the country's major broadcast organisations and design agencies. Promax UK is affiliated to Promax/BDA.

Neither The TV Room nor The TV Room + has any direct connection with the broadcasting organisations whose material is featured on their pages. If you wish to comment on any aspect of a broadcaster's output, you will need to contact the broadcaster directly.

We are sorry but we cannot provide copies of material featured on The TV Room or The TV Room +.