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November 1969 - 1974

Idents/Clocks [1]

The launch of a colour BBC One service on November 15 1969 brought with it a new on-air look for the channel. At midnight on that date, viewers were introduced to the new channel symbol - a mechanical globe device.

Above: BBC One ident [November 1969 - 1972].

Above: BBC One clock [November 1969 - 1972].

Above: the physical BBC One mechanical globe symbol [left] in the 'Noddy' room. Alongside the familiar 'BBC1 COLOUR' symbol, we see another BBC One globe device [right]. This version - minus the 'COLOUR' legend - is believed to have been used to introduce schools programmes, which were still in black and white. Unfortunately, we have no footage of this symbol.

Above: BBC One 'Schools & Colleges' presentation [early-1960s - early-1970s]. With apologies for the poor picture quality on these images. The 'Pie Chart' [left] would appear between schools programmes, accompanied by music, to be followed by a countdown clock [right] which ran for one minute, also accompanied by music.

Above: BBC One ident [1972 - 1974]. Identical to the previous ident, bar the italicised 'COLOUR' legend.

Above: BBC One clock [1972 - 1974] [1].

Above: BBC One clock [1972 - 1974] [2].

Above: BBC One ident - Schools & Colleges [1972 - 1974]. The 'diamond' device is believed to have been in use since c. 1972. It replaced the 'Pie Chart' in the junctions between schools programmes on BBC One. The animating diamonds were produced by a mechanical model. It was transmitted live.